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About Us

Although „USC“ stands for „University Sports Club“, being a university graduate is not a prerequisite for membership. You won’t be excluded after graduation and not all members are university graduates.

The „USC Munich“ is a registered Sports Club. Its subdivisions are affiliated with the respective professional associations of the BLSV (Bavarian Federal State Sports Association). Every member of a USC subdivision is therefore fully entitled for participation in contests and other events organized by the BLSV. Furthermore the „USC Munich“ and its subdivisions are governed by German registered society laws.

The Karate subdivision of the USC Munich is a member of the Bavarian Karate Association BKB and therefore member of the German Karate Association DKV. The latter is organized as a professional association within the German Olympics Sports Association (Deutscher Olympischer Sportbund).


You can give our training a try for free. Please choose a convenient training session and introduce yourself to the responsible trainer just before participating.

The membership year runs from January 1 through December 31. If you join during the year, then only the proportionate contributions are due. A termination of the membership must be in written form (preferably email to and is possible at the end of the year.

Our membership dues include the membership dues (23€) for the German Karate Association (DKV).

Annual membership dues
Students120 €
Adolescents (to the age of 18)60 €
Adults180 €

To become a member please send the signed Application form for Membership to:

USC München
Helene-Mayer-Ring 31
80809 München

or scan and email it to


Training Schedule

randoriThe Karate subdivision of the USC isn’t equipped with its own training halls, but relies on municipally school gymnasiums. Hence training times during school holidays differ from usual training times and will be announced on this home page.

regular schedule (no vacations)

Mon18:00-19:304.-2.Kyû: Christopher Kath
Beginners, 9.-8.Kyû: Stefan Hammling
Pestalozzi-Gymnasium school, Eduard-Schmid-Str. 1
Mon19:45-21:001.Kyû-Dan: Herbert PerchtholdPestalozzi-Gymnasium school, Eduard-Schmid-Str. 1
Tue18:00-18:45KobudoSchool at Herrnstraße 21
Tue18:45-21:003.-1.Kyû: Andreas TaufenbachSchool at Herrnstraße 21
Tue18:30-20:00Beginners: Tobias HainZentrale Hochschulsportanlage (ZHS), TUH 3
Tue18:30-20:009.Kyû-Dan: Jürgen WolfZentrale Hochschulsportanlage (ZHS), TUH 3
Wed18:00-19:305.Kyû-Dan: Kumite: Yoones Manzori OstadPestalozzi-Gymnasium school, Eduard-Schmid-Str. 1
Wed19:45-21:005.Kyû-Dan: Hans/BrunoPestalozzi-Gymnasium school, Eduard-Schmid-Str. 1
Thu19:30-21:005.Kyû-Dan: Hanjo TäubigLuisen-Gymnasium, Luisenstr. 7
Fri18:30-20:00Beginners: Stefan HammlingZentrale Hochschulsportanlage (ZHS), TUH 3
Fri20:00-21:309.Kyû-Dan: Alexander NeumannZentrale Hochschulsportanlage (ZHS), TUH 3

Training at the ZHS

ZHSAccess to the ZHS (Central College Sports) Area requires a ZHS-Card with valid semester entitlement (Basic Ticket) for the current semester.

  • USC members, who are students or employees at one of the universities in Munich, can obtain both the ZHS-Card and the Basic Ticket (7.50 €) via the ZHS.
  • USC members, who don’t meet the above requirements can obtain a ZHS-Card and a valid Basic Ticket via the USC Office for 20€.
    Please contact our trainer Jürgen Wolf for help: 0160-96958853.

Beginner classes

KaratedoEvery mid April and mid October we are starting new Karate beginner classes. You may join Beginner’s Classes at any time later too.
The class taking place in the gym of the Pestalozzi-Gymnasium school is open and free for everyone, as long as you attend steadily. To attend the classes at the University Sport Center „ZHS“ you will need a ZHS-Card.

A Karate gear is not required for the beginner’s class. We recommend attendees to wear loose-fitting, body-concealing clothing, such as sweats and T-Shirts. When you join the Intermediate class, you will be asked to buy a karate uniform (keiko-gi). At the end of the course you can take the test for the white belt and become a member of the USC.

For further questions feel free to join our group on facebook and/or write an email.

Beginner’s Schedule:
Mon18:00-19:50Pestalozzigymnasium, Eduard-Schmidt-Str. 1 open and free
Tue18:30-20:00ZHS, TUH3ZHS-ID
Fri18:30-20:00ZHS, TUH3ZHS-ID

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